Quantum Discovery: An Actual Literary Agency

Writing has always been my passion, and as I write, I like to research and learn more about the topic I write about. 

While doing my daily writing, I stumbled upon this literary agency which seems to have a lot of negative articles on the internet. Statements claiming that this particular literary agency is a scam or a fraud that has been fooling authors. It caught my interest, and I decided to write about it. 

Usually, I would write tips or guides on this website about writing, publishing, and anything related to the publishing industry. However, as I learned more about Quantum Discovery Literary Agency, I ought to share my views and feedback about the agency. 

Quantum Discovery is a literary agency that has literary agents who are passionate and dedicated to assisting aspiring and self-published authors in their publishing journey.

Quantum Discovery has a website where they have their services, blogs, shop, contact, and about them. There I learned a lot about their journey and their goals. 

I also found legit testimonials from authors telling about how great the services they received. I also saw some of their book trailers, and it is impressive and showcases the book and why you must read it. In my perspective, there is no way for those to be falsified, as it would cause a lot of issues. 

On their website, they show their authors and their books, indicating that they build their agency for their goal to help and support authors in their publishing journey. 

Quantum Discovery is a legit agency that is far from what those people claim to be a scam. 

As an aspiring writer looking for a legit literary agency, Quantum Discovery is a trusted agency by many authors. If you have doubts, then don’t easily trust those negative claims on the internet. 

In conducting research, a secondary source can be less reliable than the first source. So, if you want to know more about the agency, it is best for you to contact them directly, or you can also watch testimonials about them. 

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