The Difference Between Short Story and Novelette

The Difference Between Short Story and Novelette

The Difference Between Short Story and Novelette can be challenging to get started when you’re a starting story writer. What genre should your story fall under? Do your works even reach an audience? All of these are legitimate concerns that novice authors frequently have.

The Difference Between Short Story and Novelette

The distinction between a short story and a novelette shows that sometimes the answer is not what it first appears to be. Novelettes and short stories are both brief literary works, however they are not the same.

The word count is the primary distinction between a short story, novelette, novella, and a novel. Typically, a short story comprises no more than 7,500 words and no less than 3,500. Short stories were typically intended to be read all at once. Typically, they are released one at a time in publications before being compiled and released as anthologies.

Short Story

Short stories typically include between 1,000 and 7,499 words. The narrative of a short story is compressed because of its length, typically only focusing on one incident and one to three people at most. A short story stands alone and is not a component of a larger work. A tale sequence is what is used to describe a collection of stories that are written together. Short stories are frequently published as collections by a single author or in periodicals and anthologies.

One of the most popular kinds of written work is the short story. It is frequently used to describe a single event, a single episode, or the story of a single character. Major plot twists and conflicts are uncommon in short stories, and there are rarely several subplots or characters involved. A short story is essentially narratively-written fictional prose. However, the author may opt to use a first-person or third-person narrative style.


Novelettes are another form of fictional narrative writing. A romantic or sentimental-themed novella was referred to as a “novelette” in the past. Since novelettes are rarely published alone today, it’s fair to say that the term is hardly used today.

A novelette is a short fiction that is longer than a short story but shorter than a novella. The word count ranges between 7,500 to 17,500 words.

A novelette used to be a book with a romantic or sentimental topic, but today it can be any genre. While some writers continue to use the term novelette, others may prefer to refer to it as a short novella or long short story. A novelette, like a novella, may be tough to pitch to an agency, but it may perform well as an eBook in niche categories.

Writing a novelette enables the author to develop all of the supplementary material needed to support a short story. A short story will always be a part of a greater world, regardless of whether it is intended as a scene in a longer story or simply as a story on its own. 

A novelette’s world is given life, credibility, and depth by the worldbuilding. A short narrative doesn’t have to fully develop its aspects, but it still needs to create the impression that it belongs to a bigger world, that the characters have deeper motivations and personalities, and that the plot has more to it than is immediately apparent.

A novelette is the end of a short narrative, whereas a novel is an exercise in compact, terse writing for a writer. The scene is enhanced by the context, the past, and the conclusion.

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